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Deploy Associates

The Deploy Associates (DA) group, initiated in 2009, gathers privileged industrial experimenters of the DEPLOY tools and methodology, that receive specific and dedicated help from the Deploy project. The main goal of this group is to ensure a broader dissemination of the results of the project (tools, methodology, documents, etc.) by:

  • experimenting on other case-studies, possibly on domains not yet addressed by the Deploy project
  • ensuring that adequate training is delivered to the DA personnel in charge of the case-study, in order to obtain comparable results among DAs
  • collecting return of experience (feedbacks, metrics, models, conclusions, etc.) from DA, in order to improve project deliverables and to demonstrate to which extent they are applicable to industry.

  • Automação E Systémas is a Small Medium Enterprise developping embedded systems, especially in the railways field, and collaborating with ClearSy for the installation of Sao Paulo metro safety critical systems. AeS has been investigating the use of Rodin for safety critical systems and as such has initiated two case-studies: dead-man control system and safety monitoring function that prevent relay problems in a door system. Aes is also investigating the use of ProB for the proof of boolean equations for an interlocking system.
  • Critical Software Technologies (CSWT) has been involved since the beginning of its operation in the domain of safety critical systems development. The role of CSWT has been not just in the actual design of safety critical systems but also in the verification and validation of high integrity systems developed by external suppliers. As a Deploy Associate, CSWT is experimenting the Rodin platorm for the validation of avionics and satellite software.
  • XMOS limited is a “fabless” semiconductor company that develops multi-core, multi-threaded processors targeted at embedded systems markets. XMOS is to applying and is envisaging to extend the Event-B and Rodin based techniques for Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) analysis, by constructing a formal model of the Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) of the XCore microprocessor.


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