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News & Events

November 13, 2012
Workshop on experience and advances in developing dependable systems in Event-B
DEPLOY partners are organising a Workshop on experience and advances in developing dependable systems in Event-B. The workshop will be held in conjunction with ICFEM 2012 in Kyoto.
Kyoto, Japan

July 31-August 12 2012
2012 Marktoberdorf Summer School on Engineering Dependable Software Systems
Several lectures will be given on "Abstraction, Refinement and Decomposition for Systems Engineering".
The lectures will address the key role played by formal modelling and verification in systems engineering. The lectures will use the Event-B formal modelling language and the associated Rodin toolset for Event-B.
Marktoberdorf, Germany

June 18-21 2012
iFM&ABZ 2012 conference
DEPLOY project partners are giving 10 talks.
Pisa, Italy

February 27-March 1 2012
Deploy Federated Event
Fontainebleau, France

February 7-9 2012
Rodin Tool Ltd will be presenting Rodin and DEPLOY as an exhibitor at the 20th Safety-critical Systems Symposium. Several members of DEPLOY will be attending. A dedicated booth is planned.
Bristol, UK

November 28, 2011
56th GRACE Seminar on Advanced Software Science and Engineering.
Tokyo, Japan.
Alexei Iliasov, Ilya Lopatkin and Alexander Romanovsky (School of Computing Science, Newcastle University, UK) gave a talk on "Scaling Event-B to Industrial Application" at GRACE Center (National Institute of Informatics ).

September 29-30, 2011,
SERENE 2011: 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems.
Geneva, Switzerland.
This workshop is supported by DEPLOY.
The following two talks are given by the DEPLOY partners:

  • Use case scenarios as verification conditions: Event-B/Flow approach - Alexei Iliasov
  • Quantitative Verification of System Safety in Event-B - Anton Tarasyuk, Elena Troubitsyna and Linas Laibinis

September 28-29, 2011,
"Formal Methods for SOA and Future Internet" working group meeting
Brussels, Belgium.
The working group FM4SOA, led by Deploy, will meet during the conference "Internet of Services 2011: Collaboration meeting for FP7 projects".
Our general theme for this meeting is: Combining Formal Verification with Graphical Modelling Languages.
Precise objectives of the meeting are:

  • Exchange experience around using formal verification and graphical modelling
  • Find new applications of tools & techniques developed within the participating EU projects
  • Find new challenging case studies and future directions of research

September 22, 2011,
SAFECOMP 2011: a tutorial on Correct-by-Construction Development of Dependable Systems is given Aabo Akademy University and Newcastle University.
Naples, Italy

September 12-15, 2011,
11th International Workshop on Automated Verification of Critical Systems (AVoCS) - supported and organized by DEPLOY
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

July 15-16 2011,
Workshop Refinement Based Development of Software Systems using Event-B
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

December 7 2010,
Tutorial on DEPLOY
Timisoara, Romania

November 8-9 2010
Workshop on B Dissemination [WOBD] - Satellite event of SBMF 2010
Natal, Brazil

September 20-21 2010
Rodin Developer and User Workshop, colocated with AVOCS 2010
Düsseldorf, Germany

April 15-16 2010
SERENE 2010 - 2nd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems - Organized by the ERCIM working group SERENE
Birkbeck College, London, United Kingdom

March 17 2010
GRACE International Symposium on Advanced Software Engineering 2010
Hitotsubachi Tower of National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan

February 22-25 2010
ABZ 2010
Orford, Canada

DEPLOY is heavily involved in the ABZ’2010 conference held at Orford, Canada, on February 22-25 2010.

Several presentations will be given during the main conference and the satellite workshop [WS-TBFM 2010], completed by a one-day tutorial on automatic refinement in B:

Workshop on Tool Building in Formal Methods

  • Developing Camille, a Text Editor for Rodin - Jens Bendisposto, Fabian Fritz and Michael Leuschel
  • Decomposition Tool for Event-B - Renato Alexandre Silva, Carine Pascal, Thai Son Hoang and Michael Butler
  • An EMF Framework for Event-B - Colin Snook, Fabian Fritz and Alexei lliasov
  • Tool Support for Event-B Code Generation - Andrew Edmunds and Michael Butler

Main Conference

  • Structured Event-B Models and Proofs - Stefan Hallerstede
  • Reasoned Modelling Critics: Turning Failed Proofs into Modelling Guidance - Andrew Ireland, Gudmund Grov and Michael Butler
  • On an Extensible Rule-based Prover for Event-B - Issam Maamria, Michael Butler, Andrew Edmunds and Abdolbaghi Rezazadeh
  • A Refinement-Based Correctness Proof of Symmetry Reduced Model Checking - Edd Turner, Michael Butler and Michael Leuschel
  • A Basis for Feature-oriented Modelling in Event-B - Jennifer Sorge, Michael Poppleton and Michael Butler
  • Event-B Decomposition for Parallel Programs - Thai Son Hoang and Jean-Raymond Abrial
  • Refinement Animation for Event-B -- Towards a Method of Validation - Stefan Hallerstede, Michael Leuschel and Daniel Plagge
  • Supporting Reuse in Event B Development: Modularisation Approach - Alexei Iliasov, Elena Troubitsyna, Linas Laibinis, Alexander Romanovsky, Kimmo Varpaaniemi, Dubravka Ilic and Timo Latvala

BART Tutorial (B Automatic Refinement Tool)

December 9-12 2009
Recent work in the project on Modal Systems: Specification, Refinement and Realisation will be presented at International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods - ICFEM 09
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

November 4-6th 2009
International Symposia on Formal Methods for Components and Objects - FMCO, part of the FMWeek 2009
Deploy session with three invited presentations by SAP, University of Southampton, Abo Akademi and Newcastle University.

November 2-6th 2009
Tutorial on Rely/Guarantee-thinking, tutors: Joey Coleman and Cliff Jones.

November 5th 2009
FM2009 - Industry Day - Deploy Presentation on Experiences in the Development and Application of Rodin/Event-B

November 3rd 2009
14th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems (FMICS 2009)
presentation: "Applying the B method in industry: a 15 year trajectory" - Thierry Lecomte (ClearSy)

November 3rd 2009
Workshop "Recent Innovations and Applications in B" (RIAB)

September 13-18th 2009
DEPLOY is heavily involved in the Dagstuhl seminar "Refinement Based Methods for the Construction of Dependable Systems"

September 1-4 2009
4th Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing Paraiba, Brazil. September 2009
Presentation on Structuring Specifications with Modes

Paraiba, Brazil

July 16-17th 2009
Rodin User and Developer Workshop, University of Southampton

May 14-15th 2009
12th European Workshop on Dependable Computing (EWDC 2009)
Deploy work on modelling fault tolerant middleware by refinement and on deriving system specifications,

February 16th 2009
working group on Formal Methods for SOA and Internet of the future
is organizing a one-day event on February 16th 2009  in Düsseldorf at the
iFM conference. Two papers were presented:

  • "Decomposition structures for Event-B"
  • "Class and State machine Refinement in UML-B"

November 27-28th 2008
Workshop on Linking Formal Design and Verification Tools / Microsoft Research Cambridge

A presentation was given "Design and verification using Rodin"

November 17-19th 2008
Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)
Dedicated session reporting DEPLOY initial results and general presentations about the project SERENE 08 - RISE/EFTS Joint International Workshop  on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems

October 27-31th 2008
IFCEM 2008

a presentation was given "Probing the Depths of CSP-M: A new FDR-compliant Validation Tool"

October 22nd 2008
DEPLOY will be presented at a concertation meeting on: From Components to Services to Utilities organized by the EU GridCOMP project.

October 21-23th 2008
DEPLOY consortium participates with 4 invited talks in Software Technologies Concertation on Formal Methods for Components and Objects

October 6-9th 2008
VSTTE workshops : Some talks were given: "Applying Rodin and Event-B to the filestore" and  "A Roadmap for the Rodin Toolset"

September 1-2-3 2008
ICTAC (Istanbul) 
Using Design Patterns in the Event-B Formal Method.

August 28th 2008:
Sao Paulo (Brazil)
B Dissemination Day at the IPT

August 26th 2008:
Salvador (Brazil)
B Dissemination Day at SBMF 2008 Conference

July 15-17th 2008
PPDP Valencia

a presentation was given "Declarative Programming for Verification: Lessons and Outlook" 

June 17-19th  2008
TASE 2008

a presentation was given "ProB gets Nauty: Effective Symmetry Reduction for B and Z Models" 

June 16th 2008:
"Presentation of Event-B and the Rodin Platform" - Special day on B organized by the Nantes University

June 13th 2008:
A general presentation about the DEPLOY project at Intern. Symposium on Quality Engineering for Embedded Systems
( ),
Berlin, Germany, 13 June 2008

May 26-27th 2008:
A tutorial "Event-B and the Rodin Platform" given at the occasion of the FM2008 conference 
DEPLOY project was presented at the exhibition of research projects and commercial tools
Turku, Finland, 26-27 May 2008

April 23-26th 2008
Alexei Iliasov gave a Rodin platform demo at Third International Conference  on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies,
Kirovograd, Ukraine, April 23-26, 2008.

April 21-25th 2008:
"Event-B and the Rodin Platform" Unesco Chair in Tunis: April 21st-April 25th 2008

March 30-31th 2008:
DEPLOY is represented at the BLED Conference.
Bled, Slovenia -

March 29th 2008 :
A talk entitled "Teaching Formal Methods: an experience with event-B" was given at ETAPS 2008, FORMED workshop

March 04-05th 2008:
Deploy will attend the EU event "WP 2009-10 preparation and FP7 Projects Launch: Towards an Internet of Services"
Brussels, 4-5 March 2008

January 26th 2008:
ERTS 2008.  Special Event: Open Source Embedded Real Time Software. Presentation:  "A System Development Process with Event-B and the Rodin Platform".


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