Industrial deployment of system engineering methods providing high dependability and productivity




Europe is in a unique position to conduct a project such as DEPLOY due to its traditional leading role in formal methods and tool development and due to considerable level of acceptance and understanding of formal methods in industry. The main criteria for selecting the DEPLOY partners was in choosing complementary organisations with the excellent track records capable of working together to achieve the ambitious objectives of the project by delivering novel results through a tight inter-partner cooperation. It is our belief that we have built a consortium that will create added value by consolidating efforts of various partners.

The consortium has been built with great care and is based on a delicate balance between three kinds of partners:


  • Hallerstede Stefan
  • Hebdige Natasha
  • Hoang Thai Son
  • Hossbach Jodi
  • Iliasov Alexei
  • Ipate Florentin
  • Jackson Michael
  • Jastram Michael
  • Jones Cliff
  • Khuu Minh-Thang
  • Ladenberger Lukas
  • Laibinis Linas
  • Le Cointre Gwenaël
  • Lefticaru Raluca
  • Lecomte Thierry
  • Le Dang Hung
  • Lelay Eric
  • Leuschel Michael
  • Leustean Ioana
  • Logerot Christophe
  • Lopatkin Ilya
  • Lösch Felix
  • Lovell Chris
  • Lucet Benoit
  • Luo Li
  • Maamria Issam
  • Mazzara Manuel
  • Meinicke Larissa
  • Métayer Christope
  • Michot Arnaud
  • Mierla Laurentiu
  • Mokrani Mikael
  • Muller Thomas
  • Mussat Louis
  • Neovius Mats
  • Pascal Carine


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