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Project Service Providers

In a project such as DEPLOY, where the ultimate goal is the transfer of the formal methods technologies to various industries, it is of utmost importance to have a very strong open tool basis, which can be used and customized by the various participants.

For this goal to become a reality, it is extremely important to continue to develop and extend the first generation of tool kernel and plugins, which will be used throughout the project. Moreover, it is also important to have these technologies disseminated through other potentially interested companies.

We also believe there is a need for DEPLOY outputs to be monitored, measured and assessed, in order to keep the project on track

Three companies have been chosen to achieve these goals:

  • CETIC is a research center closely connected to Louvain University Academy with the role of conducting very practical research and technology transfer between academia and industrial companies. They have a strong interest in requirement analysis and are ready to share their expertise in this domain by taking responsibility for measurement and assessment
  • ClearSy is in charge of the development and dissemination of the Industrial Atelier B CASE tool since some 13 years, and the development and the dissemination of the RODIN CASE tool. It has extensive experience in using B in real industrial projects, for target applications in safety critical systems (railways) and secure systems (microelectronics). A number of its potential and confirmed industrial prospects and clients in this fields can be prime candidates for the dissemination of DEPLOY. ClearSy will build on their extensive range of contacts developed during their time in charge of dissemination and exploitation in the Atelier B, B4Free, Brama, CompoSys and RODIN projects.
  • Systerel is in charge of the development of the core RODIN tool platform developed for Event-B. It has extensive experience in using B and event-B in real industrial projects, for target applications in safety critical systems (at software and system level). This company has substantial contact with the academic partners involved in the development of plugins (in particular Southampton, UDUS) and with CETIC.


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