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Technology transfert

Overview of WP

This workpackage addresses technology transfer for the industrial partners within the DEPLOY project. These activities are critical, especially within the first two years, due to the different backgrounds of the industrial partners. Although some of the partners have considerable expertise in developing systems by refinement, others have little or no concrete experience. Moreover, even those partners with prior experience will benefit from training in different aspects of system development by refinement and in adapting the refinement methodology to the particular challenges of their problem domain and system development process.

The primary objective of this WP is to help all of the industrial partners to develop the necessary expertise to carry out their case studies. This includes:

  • technology providers installing and tutoring the industrialists with relevant tools,
  • industrial system engineers using these tools, and
  • industrial managers understanding the advantages of using this technology and the process for its integration.

The activities taken include specialized courses and seminars and the development of web-based materials along with an accompanying web platform.

We plan the following technology transfer activities:

  • introductory courses, especially at the start, for all industry partners. These will cover all aspects necessary to successfully use the relevant tools, including requirements analysis, modelling, refinement proofs, and incorporating these activities within their development processes.
  • specialized courses and seminars throughout the project. This will include courses on technical and domain-specific topics required by the different partners, as well as courses for management.

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